Ability KC brings together Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City and Children's Therapeutic Learning Center. Whether an individual is born with or experiences a disability, that person does not have to be defined by limitations. We invite you to join the journey in helping others and changing conversations from disability to ability.


The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City and Children's Therapeutic Learning Center are proud to celebrate 70 years since their beginning in 1947. The two organizations have come together as one, Ability KC. Thousands of lives have been changed and celebrations of successes have occurred due to the generosity of the Kansas City community.


Erin, Andy and Grace

At one and a half years old Grace was diagnosed with a rare disease, ATP1A2 gene variant.  Grace suffered from frequent hard to control seizures.  At the request of her parents Grace started a new m

Erin, Andy and Grace

Ken and Dottie

In January of 2014, Dottie suffered a ruptured aneurysm with a subarachnoid bleed.  At the hospital she spent a week in a coma and was given a 3% chance of survival. Once Dottie came out of the coma

Ken and Dottie


After graduating high school Vincent had one goal in mind – to land his first job. With no luck of finding employment on his own, Vincent sought out the help of the Employment Services team at Abili


Tara, Andrew and AJ

At 11 months old AJ was not meeting many typical developmental milestones such as sitting up, crawling, holding a bottle or making eye contact.  After 11 months of testing, AJ was diagnosed with a ra

Tara, Andrew and AJ


The CARF-accredited medical rehabilitation day program for infants through adults helps individuals who have experienced an injury or illness that has significantly impacted physical and/or cognitive function. Day program services provide a transition from inpatient rehabilitation for individuals who no longer require 24-hour medical or nursing support. A team of experts work closely with the patient, family, referring physician and specialists to build and manage individualized treatment plans in order to regain abilities or support new skills. The program includes physical, occupational and speech therapies.
Outpatient sessions are available with extended hours. For day program patients, outpatient sessions provide a transition for continued goal achievement.

Severe injury, illness, and disability affect individuals in a variety of ways—physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. They also impact family, friends and many others. Specialty teams at Ability KC work closely with the medical rehabilitation program, therapeutic preschool and employment services to support individuals achieving their greatest abilities.
Neuropsychological and rehabilitation psychology services are available for individuals who have experienced conditions such as brain injuries, concussion, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, dementia disorders, cerebral palsy and developmental delays.
Ability KC staff also assist individuals through vision therapy, post-concussion services, driving evaluation and training, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and adaptive computer and communication technology (ACCT) services for school, work and community.

The therapeutic preschool is nationally accredited and serves children with and without disabilities. Individualized instruction is the cornerstone of the early intervention classrooms. The teachers and therapists have advanced degrees and extensive experience in providing learning opportunities and maximizing each child's potential. Classrooms have a 1-to-4 ratio to ensure the level of support needed for each child. Additionally, therapists join the classroom teams to provide a holistic experience specific to each child's goals and plans. The therapeutic preschool operates year-round with multiple enrollment options.
The outpatient therapy clinic is a perfect adjunct to school-based or home-based therapies. Therapies include aquatic, occupational, physical and speech. There is no need to juggle multiple therapy appointments.

Ability KC provides employment services to companies throughout the region based upon the belief that great people equal great results. Working closely with the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Offices, the CARF-accredited service is a resource for job seekers with disabilities looking for assistance with employment placement. Ability KC employer development specialists provide the support and follow-up necessary for a successful working experience for all. In some cases, they provide on-site job coaching. The employment services team at Ability KC ensures that a new employee's transition into a work environment is smooth and results in added value.
Ability KC Industries, formerly R.I. Industries, assists companies with their production needs from intricate assembly, detailed handwork, collations and envelope stuffing to special packaging. Ability KC Industries has a team of trained and professionally supervised workers ready to assist with any task. Ability KC Industries is an ISO-compliant company proficient in Kanban inventory.

Books KC is a unique book recycler. The donated books provide individuals with disabilities in Kansas City jobs, job training and is also utilized for skill assessment.  Books KC, an award-winning Missouri Recycling Association 501(c)(3) nonprofit, began in 2012 and has since kept more than 6,000,000 pounds of books out of local landfills. Thank you to the Kansas City community for supporting individuals with disabilities by choosing Books KC for their book donations.
To find out more information about making a donation, please contact the Books KC team at

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first steps taken with Eksoskeleton


Thank you, Kansas City, and the many individuals, corporate and organizational partners who are ambassadors for Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City. Many of the specialty programs, such as driving evaluation and training, adaptive computer and communication technology and many others, would not be possible without your valuable contributions. Whether your choice is to volunteer with the programs or provide a donation, thank you for your support.
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At Children's Therapeutic Learning Center, generations of families, corporate and organizational partners have made it possible for thousands of children to receive loving care, early education and therapies necessary to achieve critical developmental milestones such as kindergarten readiness. Thank you, Kansas City, for your generosity to help with a child's preschool education or therapy.
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Ability KC brings together Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City and Children's Therapeutic Learning Center. Annually, 2700 individuals and families receive services for medical rehabilitation, therapeutic preschool, and employment services. In addition, multiple specialty programs and services are offered, such as neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), corporate partnerships for employment opportunities and much more. Ability KC is proud to celebrate 70 years since the beginnings of each agency in 1947. Thousands of lives have been changed and celebrations of successes have occurred due to the generosity of the Kansas City community.


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