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How is tuition for the therapeutic preschool paid?

Tuition may be paid privately, through state subsidy, state assistance or by Early Head Start funding.

Will my child receive therapy services during the school day?

If your child is to receive speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, aquatic therapy or Applied Behavioral Analysis, they will typically receive these services throughout the school day. Therapies may occur inside the classroom or in therapy treatment areas.

Does Ability KC accept insurance for therapy services at the therapeutic preschool?

Ability KC accepts most major Insurance providers including Medicaid. We will seek to negotiate individual agreements with United Health Care and United Health Community Plans.

Will I be notified of school closings due to weather, etc.?

Notification for school closings are announced on local news stations in addition to automated messages sent to the number of your choice.

What if I am going to be late dropping off or picking up my child?

If your child receives medical rehabilitation services and you will be late, please notify our social worker at 816.751.7714. Before and after care can be arranged if needed, at an additional cost.

If your child is enrolled at the therapeutic preschool and you are late to pickup, a fee of $15 will be applied for the first 10 minutes. After the first 10 minutes a fee of $1 per minute will be charged until you pick your child.

Do I have to stay on site during my child’s appointment?

No. You may drop your child off 20 minutes prior to his/her appointment and pick them up at the end of their appointment. You are welcome to wait in one of the family waiting areas if you do not wish to leave the building. Utilizing the family waiting areas helps us keep our spaces safe for those transitioning between therapies.

Is lunch provided?

Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation

Adults and children participating in Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation programs have the option to bring their lunch, use the Company Kitchen located at Ability KC or order from nearby restaurants.  A refrigerator and microwave are available if you wish to pack a lunch. Please let staff known if you have any known food allergies.

Therapeutic Preschool

Children enrolled in a full day will receive breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. In limited circumstances, children may bring lunch from home. Ability KC participates in the Eat Smart initiative with the state of Missouri. The focus is on healthy eating and physical activity.

Employment Services

Lunch is not provided.

Preparing for your first day?

Medical Rehabilitation

The first day is spent getting to more about you and your abilities. Based on your need, you will meet with physical, occupational, and speech therapist as well as nursing staff, case managers, social workers, and teachers.

Caregivers are welcomed to be present on the first day to address questions or concerns and discuss goals.  After the first day, caregivers are always welcome, but not required to attend.

Therapeutic Preschool

Please bring your insurance card, equipment or braces that you are currently using, medications, and any special dietary or medical needs, change of clothes and diapers.

Employment Services

Please bring your work history, a resume if you have one, two references and your Photo ID and Social Security card.  The first day is spent completing admissions paperwork and completing your Employment Plan.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

Adult Medical Rehabilitation

If you are receiving medical rehabilitation services, please contact us at 816-751-7700.

Therapeutic Preschool

If your child will be absent, please contact us at 816-756-0780.

Employment Services

Please contact your employment specialist directly.

Do children and adults have the same therapist every day?

Children and adults will be assigned a primary therapist for each therapy service they are receiving. Occasionally, he or she may be seen by therapists other than their primary therapist.  This allows opportunities for a variety of treatment strategies, always working toward the same goal.

How long is each therapy session?

All appointments are scheduled on the hour for 53 min. Due to your needs; therapists may see you for your therapy session, after the hour. Please be assured if the therapist sees you after the hour, you will still receive the full 53 min treatment session. If you arrive late you may not receive a full session.

How do I enroll my child in the therapeutic preschool?

Enrollment is easy! Click HERE to complete the enrollment form. Once submitted, we will reach out to learn more about your child.


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