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Ability KC’s expert employment teams are partnering with local businesses to help high school students with disabilities prepare for their future by building critical work skills that will support them as they transition into adulthood. This program offers unique, paid work experience and invaluable learning opportunities in a structured environment. This program is provided in collaboration with Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation (MOVR) and school districts across the Kansas City community.

  • Ability KC’s Community Job Skills Trainers will help train, supervise and support students at each job site.
  • Students will participate in on-the-job soft and hard skills training for communication, professionalism, workplace behaviors and problem solving.
  • All participants must commit to 20 hours a week at their designated job site.
  • Students will be paid bi-weekly over the six week program.
  • Students must be entering their final year of high school.

Ability KC partners with employers across the Greater Kansas City area to provide a wide range of employment opportunities.

  • Clinton
    Clinton Parks & Recreation
  • Cameron
    Cameron Parks and Recreation
  • Kansas City
    Children’s Mercy Hospital
    Greater Western Dining – Kansas City Art Institute Wylie Dining Hall
    Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Martin City
    North Kansas City High School
  • Kearney
    Kearney High School
  • Maryville
    Maryville Parks & Recreation
  • Sedalia
    Woods Grocery
  • Warrensburg
    BiLo Grocery


June 7 – July 16*
BiLo Grocery | Cameron Parks & Recreation | Children’s Mercy Hospital | Habitat for Humanity ReStore | Kearney High School | Maryville Parks & Recreation | North Kansas City High School | Woods Grocery

July 5 – July 30*
Greater Western Dining: Kansas City Art Institute

* Program dates my vary based on school release dates. 

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