6 advantages of pediatric neuropsychology for your child with an injury or disability

Think of the brain as your child’s personal control center. It’s where all the amazing and important things happen — thinking, learning, remembering, feeling emotions and controlling the body. Sometimes, an obstacle, like an injury or disability, can throw a curveball and make it harder for your child’s brain to fully do its job. This can make it hard for your child to learn, behave or keep up with other kids. That’s where a pediatric neuropsychologist can come in. A pediatric neuropsychologist is a specialist who understands how the brain works and specializes in working with children. They can assess how your child’s injury or disability may be affecting their brain and how they process information. After they figure out what’s going on inside your child’s brain, they can help your child learn how to navigate their challenges and find new ways to shine.

Why your child might need a pediatric neuropsychologist

It can feel overwhelming when your child is facing challenges. A neuropsychologist can be a valuable asset in understanding what’s going on and creating a plan to help them thrive. Some common reasons your child may be referred to a pediatric neuropsychologist include:

  • Learning difficulties — If your child is struggling in school despite putting in a lot of effort, a neuropsychologist can assess areas like their processing speed, memory and problem-solving to pinpoint the root cause of their learning difficulties.
  • Attention issues — Do they seem easily distracted, forget instructions or have trouble focusing on tasks? A neuropsychologist can evaluate their attention span, impulsivity and hyperactivity to see if conditions like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be playing a role. 
  • Language delays or disorders — If your child is having trouble understanding or using language, a neuropsychologist can assess communication skills, vocabulary and speech fluency to identify any underlying language issues.
  • Behavioral concerns — Does your child struggle with tantrums, aggression or anxiety? A neuropsychologist can explore the emotional and social impact of an injury or disability and recommend strategies for managing behavior. 
  • Developmental delays — If your child is not meeting developmental milestones for their age, a neuropsychologist can assess cognitive, social and motor skills to determine if they might have a developmental delay.
  • Suspected learning disability — If your child’s school psychologist suspects they have a learning disability, a neuropsychologist can provide a comprehensive evaluation to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Recovery from injury — If your child has suffered a head injury, concussion or other brain trauma, a neuropsychologist can assess how the injury has affected their cognitive function and recommend rehabilitation strategies to help them recover. 
  • Impact of medical conditions — Certain medical conditions or genetic disorders can affect brain development. A neuropsychologist can assess how these conditions may be impacting your child’s cognitive function. 

This is not an exhaustive list, and if you have concerns about your child’s development, learning or behavior, talking to your pediatrician or a school professional can be a great first step. They can help you determine if a referral to a pediatric neuropsychologist is right for your child. 

Advantages of a pediatric neuropsychologist

Having a pediatric neuropsychologist on your child’s team can make a positive difference in their life. They can help you understand your child’s needs and create a personalized plan to help them thrive. Working with one of these specialists can provide a myriad of advantages, such as:

  • Customized help — Every child is a unique masterpiece. Disabilities and injuries are also unique and can affect each child in different ways. A pediatric neuropsychologist understands the intricate dance between the brain and learning. Your child’s neuropsychologist will create a personalized plan specifically tailored to meet their needs. From improving learning skills, handling emotions or getting better at certain activities, your child can benefit from this individualized intervention plan. 
  • Celebrating wins — Every win counts, no matter how big or small. Your child’s pediatric neuropsychologist will set goals for your child and help them celebrate every achievement along the way. Whether it’s mastering a new skill or feeling more confident, they will be there to cheer your child on. This can help boost their confidence and increase motivation to continue to meet goals.
  • Building life skills — Working with a pediatric neuropsychologist isn’t just about helping your child with immediate needs or concerns. Your child will learn skills that can help them for the rest of their life. They will become equipped to tackle any challenge life throws their way. 
  • Navigating the system — The world of disabilities and injuries can be confusing and overwhelming. A pediatric neuropsychologist can be your expert guide and help you navigate the complex world your child’s disability or injury creates. They can help get you connected with resources, explain complex medical jargon and show you how to advocate for your child’s needs. 
  • Early intervention Catching issues early can make a huge difference in your child’s progress. A pediatric neuropsychologist is skilled at identifying subtle signs of developmental delays or cognitive difficulties. This allows for early interventions that can lead to better outcomes for your child.
  • Improving quality of life — The goal of pediatric neuropsychology is to help improve your child’s quality of life. By providing tailored support, fostering independence and promoting resilience, they can help your child thrive despite their challenges and live a fulfilling life. 

Ability KC neuropsychology can help empower your child with skills they need to thrive

At Ability KC, we’ve seen the transformative power of pediatric neuropsychology in children with injuries and disabilities firsthand. In fact, 97% of our neuropsychology services patients have found counseling and testing beneficial. This stands as a testament to the effectiveness of our personalized approach to helping our patients, including children, unlock their full potential. We offer comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, counseling and a wide range of therapeutic interventions tailored to each child’s unique needs in a supportive environment. 

Ability KC is a designated Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) with a Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.