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Neuropsychological Testing in Kansas City

Neuropsychology & Rehabilitation Psychology

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Neuropsychological Assessment at Ability KC

Coping with changes and challenges of a disability can be enhanced by working with neuropsychologists experienced in chronic disease management, disability and trauma.

Neuropsychology studies how the brain and behavior are connected after injury or illness. At Ability KC, our neuropsychologists specialize in assessing patients with conditions like stroke, brain injury, or memory problems. We evaluate attention, memory, language skills, and problem-solving abilities, considering emotional impacts as well.

Neuropsychological assessment is requested by physicians to assist with differential diagnosis when cognitive changes are suspected and to provide objective information about one’s cognitive abilities. The information is beneficial in identifying potential treatment, accommodations, resources and recommendations on supporting and advancing cognitive wellbeing. Families and caregivers find the information useful in providing support and assistance to their loved ones with cognitive changes. Additional referral questions may also relate to questions of the patient’s  need for support and services in their home, and return to work and school.

During the assessment, we interview patients to gather information about their symptoms, education, work, health, and family. The evaluation is scheduled based on individual needs and abilities. A neuropsychometrist assists in administering assessments. Following the evaluation, we provide concise feedback and practical recommendations to patients and caregivers. We prepare a detailed report for the patient and their referring doctor, and with consent, share it with other healthcare providers or schools involved.

Our Process

What You Can Expect

Our Approach to Neuropsychological Testing in Kansas City

Our Process

What You Can Expect

Our Approach to Rehabilitation Psychology Services in Kansas City

Our Approach

Ability KC takes an integrated approach to our disability care services and neuropsychological testing in Kansas City.

Our team will work with individuals to develop a care plan that can include intensive outpatient rehabilitation services, goal-based group therapies, and interest-based resources.

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Benefits of Neuropsychology at Ability KC

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Effective Results

97% of patients felt that counseling and neuropsychological testing in Kansas City was beneficial and 93% of patients would recommend Ability KC neuropsychology services to others.

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Personalized Assessment

We strive to provide all patients with individualized assessments and recommendations to address their concerns and goals.

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Ages Served in Neuropsychological Assessment

We have providers able to assess individuals aged five through senior adults.

Meet the Neuropsychology & Rehabilitation Psychology Team

The care team at Ability KC includes highly qualified professionals who are passionate about helping people of all ages overcome their unique needs and goals. Each member of our team is committed to providing the highest level of care and helping patients reach their full potential.

Lisa Daberkow Stalp, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Rehabilitation Psychology, Director of Developmental and Behavioral Health

Terrie Price, Ph.D., ABPP, Director of Neuropsychology

Michael Kolessar, Psy.D., ABPP, Neuropsychologist

Jordan Fuller, Psy.D.  Neuropsychologist

Kristi Bauer, M.Ed., Neuropsychometrist

Samantha Lemon, Practice Manager

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With a rich history that spans over 75 years, Ability KC has provided services that have helped change and shape the lives of thousands.

Our organization is proud to serve over 3,000 individuals with disabilities and their families annually, and we’ll continue to work tirelessly to help the members of our community reach their greatest potential.

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