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Joining Ability KC makes you a part of a team where people are passionate about helping children, adults, and families with disabilities. For over 75 years, our organization has helped thousands of individuals and families through innovative programs and services. We serve over 3,000 patients annually and are committed to attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds in our field for physical rehabilitation jobs in Kansas City.

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Our History

Ability KC is built on a strong founding legacy that continues to inspire the work done each day for children, adults, and families with disabilities.

Founded in 1947, we’ve spent 75 years building a reputation as a leader through physical rehabilitation jobs in Kansas City providing therapeutic, educational, and vocational care. Serving 3,000 individuals and families every year, we look forward to continuing our mission and changing the lives of thousands of people within our communities.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Ability KC is to build brighter futures for children and adults with disabilities by providing educational, vocational, and therapeutic services.


We accomplish this through our values of being results-driven, maintaining the best staff, and providing care that’s both personalized and compassionate.

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“When the need is great, the ideas need to be greater” quote on wall in peds gym
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Our Values

Results-Driven Services

The main focus of all of our services is to help individuals make true progress throughout every stage of their treatment plan.

Provide Opportunities

Our team will always maintain a focus on helping individuals and families achieve the goals and milestones important to them.

Care For the Individual

Ability KC believes in presenting educational and treatment environments tailored to individual client needs throughout their continuum of care.

Celebrate Success

We will be by your side to celebrate the achievements earned through creating clear, concise communications regarding the impact and outcomes of our programs.

Prepare For the Future

The Ability KC team will help all patients maintain financial viability during their time with us and following the completion of their care plan.


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Competitive Benefits

Ability KC is committed to offering competitive benefits to employees. Ability KC offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, retirement plan match, EAP services, life insurance, and other benefits.

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PTO & Vacation Time

Ability KC provides generous PTO, holiday, paid Winter Break and sick time for full and part time employees.

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Supportive Environment

Individuals looking for physical rehabilitation jobs within a dynamic outpatient facility in Kansas City can expect a supportive environment at Ability KC. We are dedicated to uplifting both our patients and our staff.

A Brighter Future Starts Here

Please feel free to reach out to our team regarding any questions or comments you may have about our medical rehabilitation center in Kansas City.

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Our Culture

Ability KC is made up of members who are dedicated to helping individuals, as well as their families, achieve a life where they aren’t limited by their disability. Our environment is one of compassion, support, and respect for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Our culture is fast-paced, challenging, fun, and rewarding—with no two days being the same.

We value our team members, provide a supportive environment, and work to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

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