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Outpatient Rehabilitation in Kansas City

Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation

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Exceptional Care for People of All Ages


Ability KC offers a CARF-accredited outpatient medical rehabilitation program designed to help patients from infancy through adulthood.

Whether you or your loved one was born with a disability or acquired one due to injury or illness, our outpatient rehabilitation program offers a wide range of individualized therapy and specialty services designed to help patients dealing with complex conditions that significantly impact their physical or cognitive function.

The outpatient medical rehab program is tailored to individual needs through physical, occupational, speech and the following specialty therapies:

  • Assistive technology
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Driving evaluation and training
  • Neurological vision therapy
  • Modified constraint induced movement
  • Serial casting
  • Interactive metronome
  • Amputation care
  • Vital stimulation – swallowing for adults or feeding for pediatric patients
  • Wheelchair seating and positioning


Re-hospitalization rate (11% below the national average)

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Over 3,000 patients and families served annually

$5 Million

$5 million in uncompensated, at-cost services for under-resourced individuals and families.

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Medical and vocational professionals

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Program Handbook

Get more details about the program and other services offered through Ability KC by reading through one of our available program handbooks.

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Our Process

What You Can Expect

Our Approach to Outpatient Rehabilitation in Kansas City

Our Approach

Ability KC takes an integrated, personalized approach to your care.

Based upon early intervention, our forward-thinking and unique model of care for people with disabilities focuses on integrated therapies that aren’t separated by scheduled, separate visits. Our differentiation of neuropsychology and social work with community independence services and specialties helps individuals return to home, school and work. Our team will work with individuals to develop a personalized care plan to help meet specific goals that can include intensive day rehabilitation services, goal-based group therapies, and interest-based resources.


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People We Serve

A Brighter Future Starts Here

Start your journey with Ability KC by using our online therapy planning tool, or feel free to reach out to our team regarding any questions or comments you may have.

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  • Case Study


    Fifteen years ago, Geni began a lifelong partnership with the experts at Ability KC.

    At 5 years old she was bitten by a tick which rapidly and unexpectedly became septic and led to encephalitis, an inflammation in her brain. After graduating from Ability KC’s Pediatric Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation program, she continued to return to services each year for outpatient therapies and specialized summer programming.

  • Case Study


    After having more than 100 seizures each day, Sadie was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called Rasmussen’s Encephalitis.

    Sadie then began physical, occupational, and speech therapy at Ability KC and developed new goals that include crawling, walking, eating, and communicating. 

  • Case Study


    After suffering from a virus that left her in a coma, Onna came to Ability KC for outpatient rehabilitation in Kansas City in order to relearn to walk, talk and read.

    After progressing and reaching every goal and milestone from therapy, Onna started working with the Ability KC employment services team to help her build skills.

    Benefits of Outpatient Rehabilitation

    Treatments For All Ages

    Since 1947, our mission has been strong in Kansas City at every juncture of life—from a child’s kindergarten readiness, to an individual returning to high school or work or to building a plan of independently living in their home and community. Nowhere else in the region offers the ability to provide comprehensive outpatient medical rehabilitation services for patients ranging from birth to senior age.

    Wide-Ranging Services

    Ability KC supports a high level of acuity and complexity in conditions, including specialized services for brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke, amputation, rare conditions and more. Ability KC’s team of highly-trained experts utilizes a variety of different programs and techniques to help patients accomplish their goals.

    Personalized Treatments

    We strive to provide all patients with educational and treatment environments that are completely tailored to individual needs and goals throughout the continuum of care.

    Meet the Ability KC Leadership Team

    The staff at Ability KC are highly qualified professionals who are passionate about helping people of all ages achieve their unique goals.

    Each member of our team is committed to providing the highest level of care and to helping patients reach their full potential.

    Meet Our Leaders

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn More About Ability KC

    With a rich history that spans over 75 years, Ability KC has provided services that have helped change and shape the lives of thousands.

    Our organization is proud to serve over 3,000 individuals with disabilities and their families annually, and we’ll continue to work tirelessly to help the members of our community reach their greatest potential.

    Our History

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