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Amputation Doesn’t Mean Limitation

Build Your Plan

Limb loss can be a life-altering experience that impacts a person’s ability to maintain their independence and so much more. Ability KC’s services for limb loss rehabilitation in Kansas City help people learn to live with the challenges brought on by amputations through the help of highly experienced staff members. Our organization offers a wide range of different treatments and modalities to help individuals achieve their highest level of function following amputation.

Our Capabilities

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Our Approach

Ability KC takes an integrated approach to our care services and limb loss rehabilitation in Kansas City.

Our team will work with individuals to develop a care plan that can include intensive outpatient rehabilitation services, goal-based group therapies, and interest-based resources.

Our Approach

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A Brighter Future Starts Here

Start your journey with Ability KC by using our online “Build Your Plan” tool, or feel free to reach out to our team regarding any questions or comments you may have.

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Benefits of Limb Loss Rehabilitation in Kansas City

Advanced Technology

Ability KC therapists are trained with Interactive Metronome, EKSO Exoskeleton System, Vital Stimulation, Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Cycles, and Bioness H200. No other outpatient rehabilitation program in the Midwest can match our team’s care technology.

Treatments For All Ages

Nowhere else in the region offers the ability to provide outpatient rehabilitative services for patients ranging from preschool to senior age.

Personalized Treatments

We strive to provide all patients with educational and treatment environments that are completely tailored to individual client needs throughout their continuum of care.

Meet the Ability KC Team

The staff at Ability KC are highly qualified professionals who are passionate about helping people of all ages achieve their unique goals.

Each member of our team is committed to providing the highest level of care and to helping patients reach their full potential.

Meet Our Team

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Learn More About Ability KC

With a rich history that spans over 75 years, Ability KC has provided services that have helped change and shape the lives of thousands.

Our organization is proud to serve over 3,000 individuals with disabilities and their families annually, and we’ll continue to work tirelessly to help the members of our community reach their greatest potential.

Our History

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