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Refer a Patient to Ability KC

Whether you or someone you know is interested in the programs offered at Ability KC, we’re here to help.

Our admissions team can initiate and guide you through the referral process for each specific program. Medical providers can refer a patient to Ability KC’s medical rehabilitation by sending over their face sheet, history, physical, and most current therapy notes via fax at 816.751.7984.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

For admissions into Ability KC outpatient medical rehabilitation programs and services please complete and submit the prescription form for the program most suitable for your patient’s needs.

Therapeutic Preschool

For admissions into the outpatient therapy clinic at the therapeutic preschool, please complete and submit the outpatient therapy clinic prescription form.

Employment Services Admissions

To refer a patient to Ability KC Employment Services, please contact Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation to initiate the process. Once we have received your referral information from Vocational Rehabilitation, an Ability KC employment specialist will contact you to arrange services.

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