KMBC – Therapists Working to Stay Connected to Preschoolers With Special Needs

KMBC, Kelly Eckerman – Ability KC is a nonprofit agency providing services for those with disabilities and special needs, including a therapeutic preschool.

With stay-at-home orders, therapists are getting creative to stay connected with those children.

Lucy, 5, is at home in Waldo working with her mom on her motor skills. Normally, she would be at a special preschool with Ability KC.

With the pandemic, the facility’s closed. However, the specialized learning continues with a lot of guidance from the agency.

“I still feel overwhelmed a lot, but that’s OK. I also know I’m doing what I need to be doing for myself and for my kid,” said Ashley Hoye, Lucy’s mother.

Therapists are virtually connecting with students through Zoom.

Children served by Ability KC have a wide variety of special needs, everything from autism to cerebral palsy to Down syndrome.

“Our speech therapists had to really step up and help the parents with communication devices, any kind of sign language they needed to use. You know, it’s difficult,” Nicole Bolte, Ability KC.

Ability KC is working on new ways every day to keep the preschoolers engaged and moving forward during these uncertain times.

“The support they send out has been amazing. And that has made me feel like I am doing a good job,” Hoye said.

Ability KC relies on support from the community and it says the need is even greater now.