Blake's Story

Just before his 2nd birthday, Blake’s parents noticed he moved differently than other kids. He was a big boy who would fall over and drooled a lot but his development seemed typical. Then Blake stopped using his right hand completely. They took Blake to Children’s Mercy where they learned that he had a brain tumor that needed immediate surgery. Following the operation, Blake began receiving occupational, physical, and speech therapies at Ability KC.

During the time he was receiving services at Ability KC, oncologists continued to monitor Blake’s tumor. In May 2010, his parents received the heartbreaking news that his tumor was back to the pre-surgery size. They were told to enjoy the time they had left with him. But Blake and his family refused to accept their diagnosis. They went to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX where they received treatment that dramatically reduced the size of Blake’s tumor.

Since 2015, Blake has been part of the cancer survivors club. Today, Blake is a happy and healthy 6th grader. He has been coming to Ability KC for nine years receiving therapy. He has also been part of specialty programs like the Constraints and Transitions Summer Programs, and, his favorite, adaptive swim.

In his time at Ability KC, Blake has accomplished innumerable goals and continues to work diligently to build his abilities. “No matter what phase of life he is in, Blake will always have Ability KC as a home base. I will always push for him to come here because of the high quality of care Blake receives,” said Blake’s mom, Mandy.

His goals today are to work on getting out of his ankle and foot brace, riding a bike, and one day, driving. In the future, Blake plans to participate in adaptive driving, assistive technology, and employment services programs.

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