Dottie's Story

In January of 2014, Dottie suffered a ruptured aneurysm with a subarachnoid bleed. At the hospital, she spent a week in a coma and was given a 3% chance of survival. Once Dottie came out of the coma the effects of the stroke were apparent. Dottie could not speak, walk or perform simple self-care skills.

At the recommendation of Dottie’s physician, Dr. Brad Steinle, she started outpatient medical rehabilitation at Ability KC. Because of therapy Dottie has gone from using a wheelchair to a walker. Now she has begun to regain the strength, balance, and coordination the stroke took from her. Dottie participates in occupational, physical, and speech therapy. She also is receiving specialty services such as gait training with the Ekso robotic exoskeleton.

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