Mira's Story

Mira’s parents noticed she wasn’t moving and developing like other children her age when she was just three months old. Following more than a year of testing, her family received a diagnosis of a rare genetic mutation, GNAO1. Mira was just the 36th case ever recorded at the time of her diagnosis. With little information on her condition, Mira’s family turned to Ability KC’s therapeutic preschool. Mira now receives multiple therapies in an inclusive setting.

Mira has made huge progress and has already accomplished some of her goals. She has worked hard in OT and speech and in less than a year has gone from having an unsafe swallow to a perfectly safe one. This progress has helped her keep at a healthy weight, a huge accomplishment for her. Mira has also tried out communication devices through the Assistive Technology Lab, a gait trainer and a power chair to help her discover more about her mobility. She loves communicating with others and she lights up when she gets to read books or hear stories. Mira is also the proud big sister to her new baby brother.

Joining the therapeutic preschool has allowed her parents get the resources and support they need in one place. Her mother has been able to go back to work knowing Mira is receiving the best therapy. Mira’s unique abilities are celebrated and she is making new friends and reaching her goals.

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