Onna's Story

Onna came down with the flu and left work early to go home and rest. The virus progressed quickly and her father found her in a comatose state just two days later. Then Onna was rushed to the ER at the University of Kansas. After her discharge, she was referred to Ability KC for outpatient medical rehabilitation services. Onna had to relearn to walk, talk and read because of the virus.

At Ability KC, Onna made huge progress towards her goals. Because of her therapy she went from using a wheelchair to just using a crutch to walk. She reached every goal she and her therapists set in place and worked with tireless dedication to achieve new milestones in therapy. Next, Onna was ready to take the next steps in her recovery-becoming employed.

Onna started working with the Ability KC employment services team to help her build skills. Through these services she learned how to search for job postings, build a resume and capitalize on her talents. As a result, today Onna is working in an industry that excites her. She continues to reach new milestones.

Onna is also enrolled at Metropolitan Community College. She cites Ability KC as the reason she is able to reengage in her goals in life.

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