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About Internships

Since 1947 Ability KC has been the go-to for individuals and families needing rehabilitation services for common to complex conditions. With the expertise and experience Ability KC staff has come to be known for the organization has also made its way to the top of universities and students’ lists across the region for internship and observation opportunities.

Student Responsibilities

Intern and observation students will be required to follow all program guidelines set by their school. Students will be expected to follow all HIPAA regulations and professional standards set by Ability KC.

Students interested in internship or observation opportunities should be pursuing the fields of physical, occupational or speech therapy. Students will be placed with a therapist that most closely relates to their educational interests.

Observers will be placed one-on- one with an Ability KC employee for one day up to six hours. One student per discipline will be chosen each month for observation.

Internship Eligibility

Internship placement will be made through the program director or on an individual basis through an affiliation agreement. Contact us for more information about applying.



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