Locations Map

Hard coded location tabs with editable options for location info and title placed beside map with pre-populated pins corresponding to the location tabs.


  • Tabs -> when clicked opens dropdown with location info and turns location pin green on map
  • Map -> location dropdown opens when location pin is clicked (each pin is technically a jump link to the the dropdown to help with ADA).
Label Name Type Notes
Ability KC Industries tab
Ability KC Industries Information locations_map_industries group
Children's Center tab
Children's Center Information locations_map_childrens_center group
Main Heading locations_map_main_heading group (Clone of Utility : Heading)
Main Campus tab
Main Campus Information locations_map_main_campus group group with pre-populated title field and wysiwyg content
Sedalia tab
Sedalia Information locations_map_sedalia group
Warrensburg tab
Warrensburg Information locations_map_warrensburg group